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Title 7 / SB 800


California's "Fix-It" Statute - Construction Law


SB 800 Has Entirely Redefined the Rights and Responsibilities of Purchasers, Sellers and Builders With Regards to Construction Defects.


The California Legislature enacted SB 800 (California Civil Code section 895 et seq.) in 2002 in an effort to streamline or prevent construction defect litigation.  The idea was to promote affordable housing by reducing the cost of construction defect litigation.  The SB 800 “Fix-It Bill” adds notice, repair, and mediation procedures to residential construction defect claims.


Construction Defect Claims


   • Requires a Written Notice of Claim

   • Can have Hidden Cost if Homeowner Chooses Alternative Contractor

   • Have Statutory Defenses Available

   • Require Strict Compliance

Who can Claim?


Passage of California Senate Bill 800 (Civil Code Section 895 et seq.) led to sweeping changes in California's laws for construction defect cases for homes and condos completed or closed escrow after January 1, 2003.


Who Long can you Wait to Claim?


We take pride in settling and litigating SB 800 Construction claims, homeowners’ disputes, construction defects and land subsidence matters in an efficient and timely manner.  However, there is a maximum 10 year statute of limitations on Construction claims, and some statues of limitations are as short as one year, so don’t wait too long to begin the repair process. We can begin to determine the best strategy for repairing your property and maintaining its value at our first meeting.


We are Here to Help You!


Our goal is to help you prevent situations that could lead to costly and time consuming legal action.  Our Attorneys are highly skilled in settling a wide  variety of construction dispute issues, including improperly constructed and/or defective roofs, gutters, downspouts, venting, soffits, weather-resistant barriers, siding, paint, building paper, windows and doors, shear walls, foundations, concrete, insulation, drainage, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems, sound transmission, wood flooring, soil and land preparation, soil contamination, earth movement and landslides.


We invite you to accept a free consultation to review your needs for general counsel and/or litigation assistance. Please contact us for an appointment.

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