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Self Audit Check List


For Homeowners' Associations


The following questions can help you ascertain whether your homeowner's association is on the right track towards safe, legal management of your property. Use your browser to print out this page.


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1. Have your governing documents been reviewed for legal compliance within the last 24 months?

2. Are your rules and enforcement policies in line with your governing documents?

3. Have you complied with the 1992 Americans with Disabilities Act?  Do you know whether you

    need to comply with it?

4. Does your insurance coverage fully protect board members from personal liability?

5. Has your board conducted a reserve study within the past three years as required by the Civil Code?

6. Do you have specific guidelines showing whether the Association or an individual owner is

    responsible for a particular repair bill?

7. Is your board aware of how to evaluate a contractor's liability policy for provisions needed to protect

    your Association?

8. Is your board aware of provisions that must be included in construction contracts to require the

    contractor to indemnify and defend the Association from claims, to protect you from liens, and to

    impose liquidated damages for delay in performance?

9. Do you know how to enforce an assessment lien against a homeowner who has filed bankruptcy?

10. Are you aware of the pros and cons of contingency vs. hourly fee representation?

If you checked "no" or "unknown" for an answer to a particular question, you may wish to examine the subject further.  Please call us with your questions or fill out our Information Request Form.  Initial consultations are free.

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