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Representative Cases


Watergate Community Association, Emeryville, CA

        Counsel for homeowners’ association in a lawsuit for water intrusion and defective site work. Plaintiff won a $13,000,000 recovery.


An Undisclosed 370 Unit - Homeowners’ Association, San Francisco, CA

        Counsel for homeowners’ association in a lawsuit for water intrusion from windows, sliding doors, balconies, patios and resulting property damage. Plaintiff won a $17,270.791.17 recovery.  Case against all but one party was settled less than 18 months after the suit was filed.  Identity of the complex is confidential due to requirements in the settlement agreement.


Metropolitan Homeowners’ Association, San Francisco, CA

        Counsel for homeowners’ association in a lawsuit for improper design and construction of windows and ventilation systems, poor roof drainage, water intrusion and delaminating tiles. Plaintiff won a $4,500,000 recovery.  This case was settled four months after the complaint was filed.


Mission Springs Homeowners’ Association, Fremont, CA

        Represented owners in a construction defects suit involving cracked sheet rock, settling, water intrusion and lack of fire walls. Plaintiff won $4,200,000 - the full amount need for repairs. Lawsuit took 18 months, and cost plaintiff $26,000 in attorney fees.


Gardens-Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale, CA

        Counsel for homeowners in a lawsuit for improper design and construction of shear walls, poor roof drainage, wood decay in bridges, water intrusion and defective sitework. Plaintiff received $4,600,000 in out of court settlement. Settlement covered all needed repairs.


10 South Park Homeowners’ Association, San Francisco, CA

        Attorney for homeowners in lawsuit involving improperly constructed shear walls, window leaks, and water intrusion throughout the building. HOA awarded $1,200,000 after 12 mo. litigation. Settlement covered all needed repairs. HOA received $120,000 per unit!


Lauriedale Homeowners’ Association, San Mateo, CA

        Homeowners attorney in a defects suit involving improper roof drainage, deck decay and water leakage. In a confidential settlement, owners obtained funds sufficient for all repairs and costs.


Scott Wilson, et. al., San Mateo, CA
        Defended owners in a countersuit by developer charging homeowner responsibility for damages. Cross-complaint; Court of Appeals upheld dismissal in a landmark decision which prohibited all developers from future cross complaints against association boards and owners in construction defects cases.


En Ville Homeowners’ Association, San Francisco, CA

        Assisted owners of a 54 unit condominium complex suffering from extensive dry rot, wood decay and interior leaks. Case settled for $1,100,000 which covered all repairs and all attorney/consultant fees.


Sierra Vista Homeowners’ Association, Mountain View, CA

        Represented owners of this small (15 unit) complex in claims for extensive wood decay and other damage. Settled for an award which funded 100% of repair costs and reimbursed the Association for all attorney and consultant fees.


Peninsula Landing Homeowners’ Association, Redwood City, CA

        Worked with owners in a case of defective slabs under the buildings that curled up and cracked interior walls. The Association obtained $6,000,000 to repair the slabs, including $740,000 to fund deficient reserves.


Redwood Park Residential Association, Fremont, CA

        Represented owners in a dispute over water penetration through building slabs in 33-unit complex. The Association received $1,300,000 - even though nearly all defendants were bankrupt.



Each case is unique.  The outcome of these cases depended in part on the specific facts of each case.  This information does not constitute a guarantee or warrantee that a similar result can be achieved in a different case.



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