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Homeowners Associations

THE LAW OFFICES OF ANN RANKIN offers homeowners' associations and their management companies the legal expertise required to successfully manage common interest developments in matters regarding:


                         Common Interest Development Law

                         Contract Law

                         • Real Estate and Construction Law

                         Insurance Law

                          ...and other related issues.

Because our firm is focused on real property issues, we are able to provide personalized legal services that are tailored to meet your specific needs.



Our attorneys have a minimum of 14 years experience in their field of specialty.  We combine this legal expertise with technology to increase efficiency and productivity to effectively support legal processes, manage confidential information and increase constituent communication to promote case management.  This allows a firm of our size to effectively compete against larger law firms.



We have a record of success in settling and winning trials for developments ranging from 15 to 1249 units. We are also skilled at negotiating at arbitrations and mediations of disputes over:

• Construction Defects

• Construction Contracts

• Mechanics' Liens and Stop Notices

• ... and a wide variety of related problems.

In construction defects disputes, we often recover both repair costs and legal fees. We utilize our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry to collect maximum compensation for our clients.


Examples of our work are described in our "Representative Cases" summary - including a milestone victory preventing retaliatory lawsuits by developers in defects cases. We also have a List of Clients available for your review.



Our goal is to help you prevent situations that could lead to costly, time consuming legal action. For example, we can assist with:

• Construction contract interpretation and negotiations.

• Insurance coverage review.

• Review of compliance with FFHA, ADA, and other aggressively-enforced laws.

• Strategies for handling disputes with homeowners.

• Collection of dues and assessments.

• Revision of documents to help you enforce rules.

Also see our Self-Audit Checklist , our Information Request Form and Articles of Interest to HOA Members and Officers



We strive to give you the same kind of legal service we would want for ourselves: high quality, affordable and responsive.

For example, to give you maximum value, we hire only experienced attorneys. We charge sensible rates. Our skilled legal assistants regularly perform services that, in other firms, may be handled by higher priced attorneys. We also keep you informed of projected and actual costs of your legal matters.


More importantly, we know you are busy. So we try to provide fast answers, timely progress reports, flexible meeting times to provide the attentive service you deserve.


We invite you for a free consultation to review your needs for general counsel and/or litigation assistance.  Please call us for an appointment at 510-653-8886.

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