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Entity Formation


The Law Offices of Ann Rankin provide our clients’ with legal guidance and advice on an appropriate business entity specific to the needs of the business and the nature of the relationships of the people involved.

Our services:

• Formation of corporations, general partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC's),
   limited partnerships, professional corporations and limited liability partnerships (LLP's)

• General corporate governance and counseling

• Shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and operating agreements

• Agreements among owners for transferability of interests upon death, withdrawal, retirement or disability

• Buy-sell agreements

• Stock options and executive compensation

• Service and independent contractor agreements and fee arrangements

• License agreements

• Purchase and sale agreements for businesses and real property

• Leases

• Distribution, production and supply agreements

• General terms and conditions for purchase orders and invoicing

• Confidentiality agreements

• Joint venture agreements

• Resolution of disputes among owners

• Dissolution

Selecting the best business structure is one of the most important decisions a business owner must make. When making this decision you must take into account: limiting legal liability, potential and real tax consequences, the business’s current and future organizational structure while defining the rights and obligations of the business owners.

We draft written agreements that protect your interests, work with you to identify and implement the best business structure to fit the needs and demands of the organization.


We will provide representation with assisting business owners with matters relating to the corporation’s Board of Directors as well as maintenance of corporate records.

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