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Disclosure Letters


Our Homeowner Association clients often ask us to prepare a Disclosure Letter to document the status of construction defect litigation or other matters. Such letters are often required by lenders of Homeowner Association properties in order to document the status of such issues as they may apply to the property in question, often on short notice.

As an added service to our clients, we can now make HOA Disclosure Letters available to authorized individuals at any time from this page. We can also update them quickly, so that the most current letter is always available. The appropriate User ID and Password is required for each association, which we can provide from our offices by calling (510) 653-8886. Association officers or managers can also obtain the necessary User ID and Password, so that quick access to these documents can be assured.

If you have obtained the necessary ID and Password, simply click on your association below and enter that information when prompted for it. This should display the Disclosure Letter for your association, which you can then print by using your browser's Print function.

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