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Construction Law & Litigation




Since 1986 the Law Offices of Ann Rankin has been devoted to providing effective and knowledgeable representation to homeowners, contractors and material suppliers throughout Northern California. Our Attorneys offer assistance for a wide variety of legal issues ranging from mechanics liens to breach of contract litigation.


Whether the issue stems from contractual disputes between homeowners and contractors, non-payment to material suppliers or improper or negligent work, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can assist in finding a cost-effective and efficient end to the dispute can get your project moving again.


















We guide clients through complicated construction disputes stemming from several issues, including:


                                 • Contractual Disputes

                                 • Improper or Negligent Work

                                 • Contractors vs. Sub-contractors

                                 • Non-payment by Contracting Parties

                                 • Homeowners vs. Remodeling Contractors

                                 • Material Suppliers

Dedicated to Providing Clients Representation in Construction Disputes


We work to find favorable resolutions in construction disputes, including the successful recovery of damages and execution of contractual issues. With over nearly three decades of practice, we have learned how to successfully employ proven tactics, depending upon the timing and type of situations our clients face, for finding resolutions to legal issues like mechanics liens, stop notices and litigation.

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