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Ms. Rankin founded Law Offices of Ann Rankin in 1986 to provide legal services to owners of residential and commercial real estate and to property managers,  contractors, design professionals, commercial real estate brokers and real estate investors. The firm currently has three attorneys and one paralegal, as well as a dedicated support staff.



The Locke House


In 1987, Ms. Rankin purchased the Locke House in Oakland, California. She performed extensive renovations on the building and succeeded in having it converted to commercial use and placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Law Offices of Ann Rankin is now housed in this building. Ms. Rankin has rehabilitated several other buildings as well. This "hands on" experience has given her special insight into practical problems facing owners and associations who must deal with problems arising out of improper building design and construction.



As Association Managers, Board Members and Property Owners your job has become increasingly complex in recent years and your need legal help - both with routine and special concerns - much more than ever before. When making your decision to choose an attorney keep in mind the advantages we offer:


EXPERIENCE.  Our law firm has over 34 years experience in real estate and construction law and are experts in handling cases involving insurance and contract matters. Our professional experience in these fields can help you prevent and resolve legal problems quickly and efficiently.


SUCCESS.  In construction defects disputes, we normally recover repair costs and legal/consultant fees. Often, a settlements can be negotiated without costly trials. But when court battles are unavoidable, we have a proven track record for winning those, too.


AFFORDABILITY.  We do our best to minimize your costs while maintaining the highest quality. To this end, we keep rates reasonable and use experienced attorneys and skilled paralegals to produce quality work in an efficient manner.


RESPONSIVENESS.  We are here to help you!  Our staff is always ready to offer attentive service and quick answers to questions, prompt updates on work status, and more.


If your organization now requires counsel, or anticipates a future need, just give us a call. We'll be pleased to meet with you free of charge to review your situation and discuss your concerns.

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