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The Law Offices of Ann Rankin provides high quality, fairly-priced legal services to Owners of commercial and residential real estate. Our clients include syndicators, brokers, property managers, homeowners' associations, apartment owners, contractors and developers.


We handle sophisticated real property transactions and prepare commercial real estate documents including Operating Agreements for Limited Liability Companies, Leases including Triple Net Leases and documentation for 1031 Exchanges.  We also prepare and revise Governing Documents for Common Interest Development Associations such as Bylaws and CC&Rs and provide legal counseling, problem solving and problem prevention services for all commercial and residential real property matters.  We also prepare and review Construction Contracts between Owners and Contractors, Owners and Design Professionals and Owners and Design/Build Companies.


We also handle litigation, including large complex construction defect lawsuits involving commercial and residential buildings, actions related to real property disclosures and securities litigation.


We also provide general counsel services to brokers, developers, syndicators, common interest development associations and others, including preparation of opinion letters, review and interpretation of legal documents and collection services.




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